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Connect with affordable, top-notch nursing and healthcare professional talent near you. Experience hassle-free staffing solutions in just a few simple steps.

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Let's Start Shifting!

Our platform allows you to post multiple shifts quickly and easily, and with our bonus incentives, qualified nurses are notified instantly of new open shifts. Trust us to handle everything so you can do more of what you love.

Light-skinned staffing coordinator with short hair sends a message to Coastal Care Staffing on her tablet.

Instant Shift Notifications

An instant message goes out to qualified nurses when new shifts are posted. With Coastal Care bonus incentives, commitment is swift and effortless–at no additional cost.


That's it! Rest knowing it is covered!

Rest with Coastal Care, and you can be confident that scheduling, logistics, and pay are all handled. Trust us to manage everything seamlessly for improved healthcare happiness.

Staffing coordinator smiles in her office after filling shifts with Coastal Care.

We love people who value people.

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