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We believe in empowering nurses to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. Earn more with exclusive bonuses and take control of your career goals by joining our family of top nursing talent.

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We offer experienced in-house support 24/7 and a dedicated account manager working in sync with you and your facility.

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We understand that time is precious. That's why we guarantee quick and hassle-free pay. Our team is dedicated to making your experience with Coastal Care as seamless and rewarding as possible.


Bonus Earnings

Bundle Staffing ℠ is here! Earn a bundle bonus for working a perfect 4, 8, or 12-week Bundle Contract ℠ for select facility partners.

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Build Community

We are passionate nurse entrepreneurs dedicated to exceptional care. We believe in showing love, care, and compassion in every shift we work.

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Service combined with affordable pricing makes staffing effortless.

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"My experience with Coastal Care has been a marvelous one. I have had a beautiful journey since Ive been with Coastal Care since 2013. I have met some great people since I have been with them. Thanks Coastal Care."

Jackie, CNA

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"I've been with Coastal Care for over 6 years. I love it here; it's my first agency I ever worked for."

Jenna, CNA

Quote5 stars
"Great company and wonderful staff."

Marie, CNA

Quote5 stars
"There are several things I like about this app. I like that you can self schedule after working 10 shifts, clock in and out, and the nurse can rate your work for that shift."

Lionel, CNA

Quote5 stars
"Great company to work for. All the office staff are professional & really go out of the way to get take care of your needs."

Cheri, CNA

Quote5 stars
“Always willing to help, always available, always positive!"

Domke, LPN

Quote5 stars
Working for Coastal Care has been an amazing experience. I have been with them for over a year now. Being able to have the flexibility to choose my own schedule works for me and I love that I have time to do other things besides work. I enjoy having that opportunity to choose my hours and work when I want too. Thank you Coastal Care for everything, it is appreciated."


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"Love working with Coastal. The staff is very kind and caring and the assignments have been wonderful. The clock in and out process is up to date and modern using your phone. Also, the instant pay rocks!“


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"Caring for patients with Coastal Care has been a phenomenal experience, The facilities we go to are clean, polite and helpful, the staff at Coastal Care go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met with scheduling and all other concerns, I love being able to work when I want and make my own schedule."


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"What an amazing event... can't wait for next year."


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